One-on-one coaching

This involves personalized guidance and support to help traders develop their technical/fundamental analysis skills. One-on-one coaching can be done on different social platforms.

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Group training

We offer group training sessions or workshops to help traders learn technical/fundamental analysis in a collaborative and interactive environment. Group training can be done on different social platforms.

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Market analysis

Providing regular market analysis and updates can help traders stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and conditions. This could be in the form of written reports, video updates, or live webinars.

Our YouTube Channel

We provide informative videos on our channel to help traders improve their Trading skills. This is free of cost and includes basic information for beginners.

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Free whatsapp trading community

Whatsapp trading group: Here we provide suggestions and recommendations for potential trades based on analysis of market conditions and trends. These ideas can be based on various types of analysis, such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or a combination of both.

To be a part of this group you will have to join us under IB, you can do so by signing up on our recommended brokerage using our referral link below

If you are already trading in this brokerage you will have to shift under my IB by contacting the support. (Step-by-Step video guide link)